Prologue-Hertitage Please. (HPL)



“Yes, sweetie I’m your mummy. I love you.”

“Wuve? You Luhhhovve mee?”

“Of course my darling Henna. Do you love me, baby.”

“No, I wuve you.”

*laughs* “Nap time!”


“Haha you want a nap?”


“Darling, Tyler she is mixing up yes and no again.”

 “Dear, please let me take care of Tess.”

“Huh? Um, OK.”

“Goodnight my angel.”


“I love you, remember that forever.”

“No, leave me Mahma.” *sniffs * Tear ran down my face as she started to walk away from my life.

With that my mother, Asami, left me.

Dear my baby Henrietta, 

I didn’t want to leave you. Blame it on your munipulative father. He took me at 17 and made me his “lover”.  I am guessing he will have another woman later in his life. The only thing I can truly thank him for is you, Henna. Except he made me leave you. Would you like to hear a story? Your best friend Tess (Tansy) was his first wife’s daughter (Not his). Your father kidnapped Tess after Olivia and he broke up. You may not be in good hands, but its better than with me, he would come and kill both of us. I promise you that I will come back to on your wedding day with a dress. Don’t worry about any of that. I love you.  – Mum 

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Authors note: HEYYY!! This was really short I know. But I think the first chapter will be out very soon! I hope you at least liked it…kinda. Just read the first chapter too!

For ten generations there will be a different ethnic holder.

Generation one: Japanese

Generation two: French

Generation three: Ausralian

Generation four: Irish

Generation five: Chinese

Generation six: Spanish

Genration seven: American

Generation eight: Russian

Generation nine: Brazilian

Generation ten: Egyptian